Faux Finishes

Faux Finishes by The Insidewall
Faux Finishes by The Insidewall

Faux Finishes involve many different techniques that combine texture paint and glazes. The Insidewall uses various tools and techniques to create custom our custom finishes. These unique finishes imitate marble, stone, suede, leather, wood among others. Most popular Faux Finishes are a hand finished texture over any of your existing walls or ceilings. The Insidewall faux finishes can provide the perfect ambiance in any living or working space.

Each of the Finishes we do is totally different and unique.  The samples we offer are truly beautiful and will give your home a very unique and elegant feel. The Insidewall prides itself with providing all our clients with walls with high end looks. We offer current or trendy finishes old world and contemporary styles.

Contact The Insidewall to consult about your ideas for Faux Finishes in your home or business. The Insidewall has provided Faux Finishes for Minneapolis St Paul, MN customers for over 15 years.


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