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Novacolor authentic Venetian Plaster and Fine Wall Finishes – Herculaneum, Missouri Product Sales & Training

TheInsidewall and our sister company NovacolorNearme are a Herculaneum, MO full service AUTHORIZED distributor, dealer and training provider of authentic products. TheInsidewall provides nearby or local Missouri product inventories and tinting of Novacolor products shipped from the Central United States. Our Central USA location provides Herculaneum, Missouri with faster delivery times and improved shipping costs. TheInsidewall has over 20 years of real world “on the ladder” experience as a professional applicator and trainer. We love discussing your Jefferson County Missouri projects and offering you our advice and our collective knowledge.

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Novacolor one of the biggest players in the world of architectural design and a trendsetter in the mineral and textured paint segment. TheInsideWall and NovacolorNearMe supports Herculaneum, Missouri with these special paints and textures, that have high performance and innovative materials, with respect for the Herculaneum environment, efficient and cost effective solutions, as well as Herculaneum, MO technical assistance and training.

Novaolor – Fine Venetian Plaster (genuine Italian Plaster containing more than 40% real marble, lime and water) Novacolor Also offers a line of Exterior plasters, lime paint and color washes for your requirements near Herculaneum, Missouri 63048. Novacolor products are considered a green product by the Italian tradition giving you the beauty of ancient art and durability unmatched by synthetic, paint-based imitations for your Jefferson County MO requirements.


  • Novacolor decorative solutions:
  • Only uses organic and high-quality raw materials;
  • Our Products offer low environmental impact;
  • Enhances your Herculaneum surfaces creating a “piece of art”;
  • Our Creativity, R&D, provide Herculaneum, MO you with cutting-edge products;
  • Colors and textures that set trends on all Missouri surfaces.


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    What is Venetian Plaster?

    Simply stated Venetian Plaster is an ancient building material which originates with lime and marble. Lime that can be brought up to a high polish, low polish, matte finish, and smooth to the touch. It can also have a granular texture. THESE PRODUCTS WILL GIVE YOU A LEG UP WITH YOUR Herculaneum CUSTOMERS PLUS POSSIBLY BRING YOU NEW CUSTOMERS IN THE Jefferson County Missouri!

    The term Venetian Plaster also can refer to the method of application. Natural lime plasters have been around since the time of the ancient Egyptians and peoples of Antiquities. Originally, they were strictly used for the protection of structures. The Venetians took it to another level. They added natural pigment to add a decorative use both interior and Exterior.

    Novacolor and TheInsidewall provides many types of Venetian Plaster & Italian Plaster for any Herculaneum, MO requirement.

    Novacolor and TheInsidewall bring you decades of experience in traditional lime finishes as well as innovations in exterior sealers, lime paints and exterior lime products.

    New to this type of product? Contact us to discuss 1 on 1 or group training at our facility or closer to your Herculaneum, MO 63048 area.


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    The Joy Revolution, colors will change the world
    14 April 2020Events
    Novacolor presents its joyful revolution based on the awareness of every single gesture which, in the world of colors, means research to obtain a new production system, whose environmental impact is minimal and permits to achieve high-performances and healthy products.
    Novacolor wants to create environments where mental and physical well-being takes the priority. Only by taking care of nature, we can defend life and be in harmony with the rest of the planet.
    Nature infuses us with an intimate sense of peace to remind us of the little pleasures of childhood: from the games that used to fill our days to the ecstatic gaze in front of the spring colors.
    Today, more than ever, we need a Joy Revolution.

    By Beth Schafer-Swinton

    Experienced Decorative Paint Metallics and Plasters Residential and Commercial Painting Contractor, Interior Custom Painter and Faux Finisher.